Tis the season to be crafty tra la la

I'd like to call this testing the water alone. I have done previous fairs and markets but always as a collective. These design have been sat on my Mac, so i decided to make use of them at a small craft fair.

P.s. Keep an eye out for a few of these designs on T's, it's my next mission!

It's all gone black & white!

So it's been a while, I've been pretty busy trying to work out what i want to be when i grow up :) but in the process playing around with type. I may even use this as my new header i love it so much.

Nautical print

Lets-a go!

I made this text to go on a birthday card for a little someone who loves Super Mario!

Commissioned Christening invitation

Penguin heads

I've been hiding creativity on my hard drive,time to post!
Believe it or not i managed to screen print all of the lining with out taking it apart!

Bling Lomo

Me being me didn't realise the competition only accepted your first entry,so this being my 2nd design wouldn't of got through.

Long time no post

It's been a while but now the posters are printed i can show you the logo's i've been working on. My friend is starting a summer school and asked me to create his logo,no.7 was the chosen one! click to enlarge

Laptop Loves

Handmade padded laptop cases made to order.